We finished off the first half of the pre-Christmas training schedule with a tough run and circuits session.  The noise and excitement soon started to reduce once the session kicked in, but everyone got through it.  Progress across the board is very noticeable, and fitness levels are much greater than that first day back in September, well done on all the hard work.  For the half term week (that is 28th and 30th October) we won’t be training.  The athletes deserve a break and rest is as important in athletic development as a track session is – rest should always be viewed as one of the components of training, and not something to feel guilty about that you aren’t doing any training.  We will be back on November 4th.

We would just like to thank you all for your patience at training at the moment particularly as we are not able to use the pitch in Lisheenkyle to avoid any damage whilst it is still very wet.

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