Training Details

Outdoor Athletics 

Wednesday 7pm – 8pm (Lisheenkyle National School).

Please note that due to the recent closure of Clarin College and the current COVID-19 crisis it is not possible to offer an indoor miniathletics trainining session.


Due to Current COVID-19 restrictions, training is not an ‘open session’ and training slots will have to be booked each week.  Booking is done by means of completion of an online form which is emailed to the club membership on the day before a training session.  Please note that ONLY athletes registered on this system are permitted to train.  Any athlete presenting at the gate not on the registration list will unfortunately not be allowed to train.  the number of training slots available each week is dictated by the number of coaches available.

Children should not be dropped off at training without being handed over to one of the coaches/volunteers.  This is particularly important at Lisheenkyle National School where children should be dropped at the gate where they will be checked in by the COVID-19 Compliance Officer.  This is in case coaches are delayed or training gets cancelled at short notice and no once from the club is present.

We try as hard as possible not to have to cancel training, but occasionally it happens due to adverse weather conditions, unavailability of training locations, unavailability of coaches or other things outside of our control.  If this happens then we will send out a text message, email and post to this website and our Facebook page.

Be aware that it is a legal obligation for us to have all coaches and regular volunteers Garda vetted.  If you regularly stay around at training, you will be asked to fill in a Garda vetting form.  For anyone who coaches or volunteers then the current Garda vetting form can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE.  Completed forms should be returned to the Childrens Officer (current Iain Shaw)

Current Active Registered Coaches (and qualification):

Deirdre Molloy (Assistant Coach)

Mark Shaw (Assistant Coach)

Siobhan Morrissey (Assistant Coach)

Conor Knight (Assistant Coach)

Iain Shaw (Level 1)

Ryan McNelis (Level 1)

Yvonne Knight (Level 2)