In alliance with Athletics Ireland in progressing the club to return to training safely, the guidelines below outlines the recommended practices for the reintroduction of activities which preserve athletes and community safety. 

This policy should be read in conjunction with the Athletics Ireland COVID-19 Policy for Clubs: CLICK HERE


The most recent updated advice and information on the Athletics Ireland COVID-19 Information Page: CLICK HERE

Juvenile Club COVID Officer: Georgina Shaw – 086 3560385

The priority of all times must be to protect the health and welfare of all those involved and to minimise the risk of transmission within the wider community.

Training will be held in accordance with the current level of public health measures as detailed in the Irish Governments ‘Resilience and Recovery 2020-2021: Plan for Living with COVID-19′ – details of which can be found by CLICKING HERE.  The group training sizes will be dictated by this policy and as permitted by Athletics Ireland & Sport Ireland.  It is essential to ensure that there will be no crossover of groups (with the obvious exceptions of siblings from the same family or household).

Please note the following steps in order to attend training.

Completion of COVID-19 health screening questionnaire before each session.  This will be sent out each week by email to the club membership and should be completed within 24 hours of attending training.  If there is any change in the intervening period such that you would answer YES to any of the health questions then you should not attend training.

  • Maintain social distancing during training at all times
  • Athletes should arrive and leave as close as possible to the training times.
  • Only one parent/guardian should accompany athletes to the gate.
  • Athletes will be checked into the site by the COVID Officer.
  • Athletes & Coaches to use hand sanitizer before and after training.
  • Each athlete to bring their own water bottle with their name on it.
  • If using equipment wipe clean before and after use using anti-bacterial wipes/spray
  • Personal details provided on the booking form will be held solely for the purpose of contact tracing if the need shall arise and shall be kept for the duration of time determined by government policy at the time.  All personal details are kept in accordance to the clubs Data Protection Policy.

Do NOT attend training if you feel unwell or are displaying any COVID symptoms such as fever, shortness of breath, cough or loss of smell or taste.

* * In the unlikely event that someone becomes unwell during the training session, there will be a designated isolation area where the COVID Officer will take charge of any person displaying symptoms of COVID and parent/guardian will be immediately contacted.  For Lisheenkyle this area is the area adjacent to the toilet.
*** A minimum of 2 (two) First Aid Kits containing face masks, gloves, anti-bacterial wipes, hand sanitizer in the event of any incident arising will be available during training.  All coaches will be aware where these kits are.